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E.A.C.C. Mask-Use Guidance Policy and Tips

October 15, 2020

With rising COVID case numbers in the Edmonton area, the Edmonton and Area Curling Clubs want to do our part to help flatten the curve and to continue to provide our curlers with a safe and positive curling environment.  As such:

  • Masks are requested during play but can and should be safely removed when needed (e.g., before and while sweeping, when drinking water, when regaining a comfortable rate of breathing, when replacing a wet mask, etc.).
  • We understand that not everyone can safely wear a mask when curling. If and when you are not wearing a mask we ask that you please refrain from shouting and that you continue to adhere to the safe-distancing measures enacted at your curling facility

We thank Edmonton area curlers for complying with all of our new COVID-safe curling protocols this season. We must all continue to look out for one another and to do our part to ensure that curling clubs can continue to safely operate this season.  Thank you for your help as we all work together for a safe winter ahead.


Performance tips:

1. Breathing tip: Attentively breathing through the nose rather than the mouth has been helping many curlers learn to breathe more comfortably with a mask on during games.

2. Masks: Players should consider investing in performance-wear masks and should bring multiple masks with them because masks can become damp during play.  Damp or wet masks should be replaced during games.

3. Safe mask removal: It is not unreasonable nor irresponsible to safely remove your mask at certain points during play (e.g., before sweeping a rock, to catch your breath, to drink some water, etc.).  Healthy breathing and proper hydration are important parts of exercising and an active life-style.  If you find that during the course of play that you need to remove your mask, simply adhere to: (i) AHS’s safe mask-removal protocols, (ii) avoid shouting or raising your voice when your mask is removed, and (iii) continue to respectfully adhere to all on-ice physical distancing measures at your facility (e.g., remain at least 6 feet away from others).

4. Communication plan: To help minimize the transmission of aerosol droplets, teammates are encouraged to develop a hand-signal communication plan for line and shot calls.

  • The newly formed “non-active sweeper” can help to play a communication role by following the active sweeper down the ice to relay information to the sweeper from the skip, and vice versa

5. Glasses fogging up: If your glasses are fogging up during play, then please consider options such as: wearing contacts or using an anti-fog spray or try dish-soap or try wearing your mask higher-up on your face.  If there is no reasonable option possible for you that helps you to see, then it is of course important that you be able to safely see while you are curling.  We simply ask that if you cannot wear a mask while curling because of vision impairment reasons that you please refrain from shouting and that you continue to adhere to all on-ice physical distancing measures at your facility.

6. Benefits of masks: Although masks are an annoying inconvenience, the benefits of mask-use outweigh these inconveniences.  The benefits of on-ice mask use include:

  • Masks provide a safer indoor air-space for all participants in the curling arena
  • Masks mitigate against the possibility of the spread of the COVID-19 virus
  • Masks allows teammates and the opposition to more safely communicate with one another during play, and
  • Masks allows us all to more safely navigate our way on our sheet of ice when “pinch-point” situations arise


We thank you for your assistance as we all work together to help keep our curling clubs safe and open this winter.



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