EACC Tournament of Champions 2024

Dates: Tuesday April 2 - Sunday April 7, 2024
FINAL RESULTS: Mens | Mixed | Womens | Stick
 Congratulations to all of our Champions!
All Draws were be streamed on YouTube
You can check out the replays here:

Eligibility – club responsibilities prior to event

  1. Twelve Edmonton area clubs will determine one men’s, one women’s, and one mixed champion to represent them at this tournament.  
  2. Curling clubs will determine their own playoff format, however, it is expected that the teams representing each club have played down to represent the clubs and are not just selected.
  3. The curling club must provide the names of the players on each of the teams prior to the start of the tournament.  By providing these names the club is verifying that these players are club members in good standing. Please submit these names to the club who is hosting the event.
  4. The curling club must also provide the names of 2 men and 2 women and 1 spare of each gender for the mixed team who are members in good standing at their curling club and who will be available to spare during the week of this tournament for their championship team.

Event Format and Rules

  1. The EACC Tournament of Champions is a double knock-out preliminary event to determine 4 qualifiers.  The 4 qualifiers will then play a single knock-out championship event.  
  2. All games will be played according to Curling Canada (CC) rules.
  3. Teams will flip a coin at the start of the game and the winner will have a choice of last rock in the first end or choice of rocks.
  4. Games are 8 ends in duration.
  5. Games tied after 8 ends of play shall play another end to break the tie.
  6. No practice rocks are permitted.
  7. CC rule regarding postponement will apply, however a default will be declared after 20 minutes.
  8. The only spares that will be permitted to play during this event will be those spares submitted by their curling club prior to the start of the event.
  9. Spares may play up to the position of the person missing.  (i.e. skip is away the spare may play any position, lead is away the spare must play lead).
  10. No hair broom or corn brooms may be used as sweeping devices.  Brush heads must be made of compliant material but are not required to be stamped. (eg. Dan Holowaychuk’s reconditioned, Goldline Air, Olson – as long as they are compliant material).
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