Granite Curling Club

8620 107 St NW
Canada T6E 2A6

Manager: Rick Fulmer
Phone: 780-439-0695
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Number of Sheets: 8
Food/Drink Service: Yes
Banquet Seating Capacity: Lounge - 120; Off season Ice Area - 440

Granite Curling Club 4.4 55 Rating

Accessible? As if. Do NOT come here if you use any type of mobility aids/stroller/etc. Or if you require a gender neutral washroom. The stairs are at-- Olivia Hughes

Interesting burger place that cropped up here at least for the summer. Pretty good burgers but the ambience isn't awesome. It reminds me of eating at -- Red Hagar

Great place to curl for all ages, friendly welcoming atmosphere! A nice friendly bar for a beverage before or after the games. As well as great food i-- Ronald Mulick

Went here for flatboy Burger's....looks pretty nice, kinda old Skool/Small town vibe-- keegan sabourin

Very nice curling rink-- Adib Kaddoura

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